th (32)As soon as they left the synagogue, they went with James and John to the home of Simon and Andrew. Mark 1:29 NIV

In a scene of Disney’s animated version of the Jungle Book, four vultures have the following dialogue. “Hey Lapse, what we gonna do?” – “I don’t know, what cha wanna do?” – This back and forth continues until the first bird rephrases their dilemma of “what we gonna do” and finally exclaims, “Let’s do something!”. To which the second bird agrees, “Okay…so, what cha wanna do?”

Part of the story line of Jesus humanity is the daily activity of doing life. No real fanfare, he just enjoyed spending time with his friends. We see Him go into the home of Matthew, Zacchaeus, Mary and Martha, and Simon and Andrew’s house. After spending some time dialoguing with Jesus, James and John asked Jesus where He was staying. Jesus replied, “come and see.”

In this passage of Mark, we see Jesus leaving church, the synagogue, and going to Peter’s house. It’s almost comical…lunch is not ready because Simon’s mother-in-law is in bed sick with a fever. They tell Jesus about her. He goes to her and speaks healing. She gets up and starts to serve them. This is a great picture of the daily complications that life throws at us.

Some thoughts about doing life

  • Do life with friends. We are an incredibly lonely people. After church, many wait for someone to invite them to “hang together”, only to be left standing alone. If you are not invited, ask others to go out to hear each others stories.
    • Make a list of your close friends. Who do you call daily or regularly? Who are the once a month acquaintances?
  • Include Jesus is the process of doing life. It is common for me to say when praying over our meal, “Jesus we invite you to our table, join in on our conversations, you are welcome here.”
  • Pray for needs as they arise. Much of our influence happens when we bring the kingdom of heaven into the domain of the kingdom of earth. When people are hurting or in need, it is a great opportunity to engage in a spiritual moment.
  • Pray for your sick family members.  Don’t just tell them you are praying, “get up”, anoint them with oil. Take the time to really ask God to heal them in Jesus name.
  • The mundane cleaning and order chores are still spiritual. When there was chaos in the beginning of time, God spoke order into the chaos, “Let, there be light.” Daily routines of straightening are the character of God in action.

It’s a good time to enjoy life, “do something”

Blessings Love y’all