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We all, with unveiled faces, are looking as in a mirror at the glory of the Lord and are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory; this is from the Lord who is the Spirit. 2 Cor 3:13 CSB

I went into Chick Fil A to see my girls at work and get some salad for dinner. I had been working outside all day and had taken a quick shower before coming. Melody looked at me, “when did you shave last?” “Why?” I asked. “You totally missed the two corners of your mouth…sorry it was just the first thing i noticed.” She was right, in my haste with a foggy mirror after the shower, I had indeed missed those two spots. If you are going to use a mirror, then use it.

In my last blog entry (Unveiled Faces) I discussed this verse as the key to the motivation to bring forth the needed transformation of all changes within your life as a follower of Jesus. God fundamentally transforms us through the work of Jesus, which is reflected in our unveiled face representing God’s glory.

The key to continued transformation is in the “beholding”. In the Greek this word literally means to become fixated on an image as in looking at a mirror. Several of the translators for this verse choose to capture this thought by using the phrase, “looking as in a mirror”. It includes both the action of looking and the subject of the looking. We are to continue to look at Jesus and all of His glory. This action Paul says will bring forth our own transformation from glory to glory. Don’t miss this thought. Looking continually at the glory of Jesus brings forth our own transformation from one level of glory to another.

What is the opposite of this endeavor in which almost all of us try to initiate changes? We look at ourselves in the mirror. We are very familiar with everything that we see wrong with our lives. We remind God how important it is to change. We see our frailties, our shortcomings, our bad decisions, our financial woes, our physical health problems, our family and relationship struggles, We become consumed with fixating on our own image.

We move toward (changed from one status to another) what we worship. In every circumstance, you are being transformed into the image of your worship. When you are constantly beholding the worthiness of Jesus, we become transformed into His image.

What are some possible steps that you may take to fixate your gaze on Christ?

  • Rehearse His story board. This is an activity that writes use to capture  a whole movie or play. They will literally draw pictures of the main events to create a timeline for the movie. Jesus birth – who was there, why did He go to Bethlehem, why shepherds, what was the meaning of the angels message, who benefits from His birth? Think about other events- the cross, the transfiguration, the temptations, His resurrection, His place of authority.
  • Highlight Jesus’ interaction with people. Look at the different ways that He spoke and interacted people. Notice His love and His demands. How did people respond when He spoke to them?
  • Meditate on His teachings. How are you integrating the Lord’s prayer into your life on a consistent basis? What clues does He give for overcoming worry in Matthew 6? What principles does He highlight about money and giftings?
  • Study the transformation keys of people changed by Jesus. Look at Peter’s life with Christ and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. What caused Saul to pivot so radically in his world view about Jesus? How did that impact the rest of His life?
  • Reflect on the themes of God’s purpose for mankind in the epistles. How did Jesus reflect humility? How is love and giving related?
  • Sing to and about Jesus. Make God the subject of your songs of most of your songs. Listen to the pronouns of your song….how many “I’s” and how many “You’s” are in the songs that you are singing?

These are some of the activities that you could use to focus your thinking. You are looking at the glory of the Lord as revealed in the Bible. When we have been loved, we grow in our capacity to love. When we have been forgiven, we gain the courage to forgive others. We draw strength from our engagement with the author of our lives to live like Jesus lived.

Perhaps you may want to continue to make your list  of habit changes. However, I am suggesting that the motivation that brings forth eternal transformation is to focus your worship on Jesus and not your frailties or needs. Don’t just glance at the mirror of His image. Gaze deeply and for long periods of time into the eyes of the one who loved you when NO one else considered you worth much. Each of your character needs will find their place within His story for you.

May you be blessed in your transformation into Jesus image

Blessings Love y’all