miredinmudHe lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire;

he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. Psalms 40:2 NIV

The road to salvation is narrow and broad is the path of those heading to destruction. That does not mean that it is impossible or that I expect that you will not falter. I have made provision for your wayward walking into the mud and the mire. It exists on both sides of the pathway.

On the one side are trails leading to the promise of shortcuts for the self-made man. I’ve heard it so many times and watch as you let go of my hand to show Me that you are mature enough to do it your own way. You even try to convince Me that your “self” is acting righteously. 

For some on this side of the path you get stuck very quickly and cry for My help. Others can wade in the mire for long periods of time trying to “show Me” that their decision was right. My remedy for pulling you out is always the same, I reach for the person who is broken and in need. I will never pass by the troubled one calling out for my help. I can hear the cry of true desperation and not one that is just frustrated.

The other side of the path is filled with those identified with low self esteem from the poor decision they are hooked upon. They identify more with their bondage than the prospect of being free. So many times they try to convince Me that they are broken by saying, “I don’t deserve Your help.” In reality they are saying they are unwilling to follow Me to life and hope, because the pathway forward to life is no longer within their control. I reach My hand to help, while looking for the turning response when I invite them to “Come.”

Confession, repentance, godly sorrow, and turning from your wayward sins, are the identifying marks of ALL those who are walking on the path. The only perfection on the path is the trail that was blazed by My Son. All travelers on My pathway, walk humbly with stories of their great need of My saving grace which I provided for them.

Freedom is standing on a secure and solid foundation, after I have pulled you from the mire and muck. No longer two steps forward  and three steps back. The blood of My Son brings a cleansing like the smell of fresh rain upon a dusty earth. Wilting plants stretch forth with a new and vibrant life when they experience My life giving water. Like the man I healed for Peter and John, the common response on solid ground is walking, leaping and praising Me.

Are you standing in the muck and mire? How long will you continue in your mess? When will you respond to the Whisper of My voice to come all of you who are weary and heavy with burdens. Come and find rest for your souls on a solid and secure foundation.

Whispers from Your Father, God