xGettyImages-951129004-640x213.jpg,qv=1549925307.pagespeed.ic.nWmbH4ZMVwBut our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, Philippians 3:20

Earth is His footstool

Heaven, the place He abides

He is coming for us soon

Forever with Him, we will reside


On a white horse He will ride

Trumpet fare will resound

All we see His splendor

Abundant joy shall abound


Jesus secured our citizenship

His blood, the purchase price paid

Our passport is already stamped

Confirmation of itinerary is made


Why do we need a Savior

Is He only for the weak

Who should call Him Lord

Who wants to become meek


Blinded by effects of sin

Our comfort is our throne

Let Jesus save someone else

Foolish thinking to be left alone


Why should we be desperate

Why the urgency, why the fuss

Sin broke our relationship with God

Jesus redeemed it, for all of us


Our Savior is the hero we need

Jesus lovingly gave His life for all

Our chest is filled with thanks and hope

“You are Lord” our tongues will call


With joy we await your arrival

To be united with You face to face

Surrounded by our brothers and sisters

Forever with Jesus in our heavenly place