accessing-the-arts-jccgv-community-longing-belonging-call-for-artistsI know that you are pleased with me, for my enemy does not triumph over me. Psalms 41:11 NIV

There is a desire within each person to know that you are loved, to know that you are significant, to know that your existence is meaningful. I placed that desire for connected belonging within you when I created you.

Your parents are given the first position to communicate this pleasing acceptance. They have the privilege to let you know the joy of being one of their children. For many reasons, some parents fail to establish that cherished connected belonging that your life is significant. They miss the opportunity to say “I love you” enough times that it becomes engraved in the concrete of your own personal foundation of personhood. This void sends many looking for connectedness in ways that will never fill the hole that is missing in their lives.

The principle of sin and your own personal choices of misconduct create so much static, that communication between you and Me is very difficult. I have been expressing My love and desire for connected belonging since before you were born. When you became a follower of My Son, Jesus, the channel was opened wide for Me and you to share freely. 

The precious Holy Spirit discloses in very personal and unique expressions to communicate My love for you. If you need to see it in written form, I say it over and over in the Bible. If you need to experience love tangibly, engage in the lives of My other followers who are the hands, feet, heart and eyes of Jesus’ body. If you need to hear My love, Holy Spirit empresses upon your spirit that you are Mine, so that you can be close enough to call Me, Abba (Daddy) Father. My Son said often, “let him who has ears to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying.”

I formed you and created you. I placed the desire within you for connected belonging which is ultimately completed in the restoration of our relationship. You are pleasing to Me because of My Son. At all times, in all situations, and in every circumstance I desire the warmth of our blessed relationship of mutual love for one another. I love you.

Whispers from Your Father, God