pinterest-428x428Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Philippians 4:5


My life is an open book

That others get to read

They watch my every move

Interpret all my deeds


It’s more than the words

That flow from my voice

They’re listening to my tone

Evaluating my every choice


It’s not fair, you say

That is not what I meant

Too little, too late

Message already sent

Soon our Lord Jesus will return

He’ll read every page, front to back

Nothing will be hiddened or skipped

No excuses for getting off track


If you could let people read

A specific chapter about you

Choose a memorable spot

A palatable attitude


Gentleness as a response

Communicates so much more

Others feel quite important

Not treated as a bore


Gentleness can be learned

Manners can be taught

Memorize another’s chapter

Who represent what’s sought


It’s not being perfect all the time

You’ll get angry or blow up too

Gentleness doesn’t leave that spot

Before asking forgiveness of you


Preferring others first with kindness

Speak and act with love always

Those pages will be read and worn

“Our favorite chapters”, they’ll say