th (68)I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Psalms 91:2 NIV 

Possessiveness and language seem to start at almost the same time. As soon as babies learn to talk, it seems that “mine” is one of their earlier words. Feeding times move from you holding the bottle or spoon to the child wanting to “do it for themselves”. In one aspect, this is a sign of maturity. They are taking responsibility for their own survival. They are making steps to use their words and actions to “own” life.

In Psalms 91:1, the psalmist starts with a general “whoever” needs help can find it in God’s protection. In verse 2 the Psalmist moves to the possessive words of “I” and “my” to declare his own dependence on God. This is an important progression in the understanding of protection from a God who seems to live so far away and the intimacy found in the relationship with God who is “with you”. Do you know God as your own?

When life gets stressful and slightly out of your control, you will quickly learn what props you have in your arsenal to lean upon. You can listen to your own words to see how you are deciding to deal with the stress. Sometimes we think it helps to complain, sometimes we deflect and place the problem upon others or circumstances, sometimes we succumb to fear, worry or anger, and sometimes we withdraw in solitude bearing the weight upon our shoulders trying to figure a way through. Your words will reveal where your trust lies.

The truth is that our life follows our words. Where do you hear yourself speaking of dependency on God? I am not asking for the Sunday School answer. How is the conversation of needing God as your refuge reflected in your speech, your conversations, and your prayers? 

Start by making a declaration of faith that you need God’s help and want God’s help. It may be helpful to take some time to visualize the type of strength, security, and safety of a fortress that God provides. It is easier to see yourself placing your trust in God, when His promises of protection are in clear view. Make God’s promises found in the Bible yours.

The key is that you alone must speak the direction of your heart.  Be tenacious as the baby who is squealing, “MINE”. Say Psalm 91:2 aloud and often throughout the day and become aware of the ways that God is your refuge and fortress. When you find Him, give thanks and GO there. 

Blessings. Love y’all.