Boy-Flexing-Muscles2[For] all things, I prevail in the One who empowers me. Philippians 4:13 Greek Text word order


Any excuse will do

When you are looking for one

Quit, delay, procrastinate

Blame goes to the other one


I’ve tried to be different

Wanting to make a change in me

Failure repeats itself often

Seldom experience the victory


Let’s try it one more time

I feel so feeble and frail

Looking for strength inside

A determination to prevail


I’m leaning on Jesus inside of me

He overcame death and sin

All authority belongs to Him

Compassion for where I’ve been


It’s not my strength but Christ’s

His power of ability imparted

He meets me exactly where I am

Struggling and brokenhearted


All things, is much too large to handle

It’s the next step, consuming me

Faith in Jesus mixed with action

To Him all the honor and the glory


When the next thing comes my way

Exerting to me it’s stress and strife

I’ve found a new resolve inside of me

Jesus imparts power-ability to my life