But as for me, I am poor and needy;     
come quickly to me, O God. 
You are my help and my deliverer;     
Lord, do not delay. Psalm 70:4 NIV

My child waiting for My help is so hard at times. The anxiety and pressure of what is going to happen next can be so overwhelming. Breathe, I am already present. I have never left you for one moment.

You are bound to the present and unable to know what will happen in the next second. I know this can cause you fear. You look to your immediate past and draw the worst possible conclusions about what may come your way. That is, until you hold My hand and realize that My view is much different and better than yours.

I see your transformation. I measure you by the marks on the cross to see your growth into the maturity of My Son, Jesus. Just like a child grows taller while the waiting seems slow, they are ever changing.

I have the provisions for your every need. Though you may feel poor and needy, I have every good and perfect gift already waiting for you when you need them. When you ask of Me, you are not stumbling in the dark looking for your keys and the door. No, rather you have My invitation in hand to come and have an audience with the King. You need only to announce your arrival to enter My throne of grace in order to present your request.

I never delay because you are unimportant or that I am too busy. My response is not slow because your situation is too difficult for Me to address. I only ask that you look to Me instead of your problem. Let us talk and walk together.

Come to Me all you that are weary and heavy laden, rest. The broken and contrite heart has direct access to My ear and heart. You are close enough to hear My whisper that I love you and that we will get through this…together.

Whispers from Your Father God