When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The Lord is in his holy temple; the Lord is on his heavenly throne. He observes everyone on earth; his eyes examine them. Psalms 11:3-4 NIV

Look at Me! I am with you when the foundations are crumbling, shaking, rocking back and forth, and moving under your feet like shifting sand. When the earth quakes and the seas billows roll, I remain standing strong. When fear of the uncertainty of viruses, disease, and cancer grip your thoughts, I am the unmoving Peace.

I shake those things that can be shaken so that you can learn to hold on to those things that remain. Some trust in horses, some trust in chariots, some trust on their own strength, some trust in science, some trust in their own wisdom, but My children trust in the strength and steadfastness of My name. Disappointments feel like quicksand, I never leave My children in that place for long.

All crutches will eventually fail. A house of cards is a talented effort, but the winds of adversity reveal its true characteristics. Obedience to My word and loving devotion toward My  Son, Jesus, creates a stability and boldness to stand strong in the cruelest of times.

Don’t be anxious when foundations are shaking. My eyes are on My children and the works of the evil one. When you are walking through the fire, I will be there. When the wicked appear to increase without any account, I am already examining the matter. When truth is being trampled upon, the Cross will still be standing. What has drawn strength in the dark, will always be uncovered in My light. 

When hope is being crushed, I hold out My hand to lead and guide you. When fear and anxiety rise so that you reach for the “Call out to Me button”, I am already here and listening. 

When your heart is finally breaking for the things that are important to Me, I am washing your eyes to have a better view of the sacrifice of My Son. It is finished!  All things, both good and bad, find their way back to the cross. The end of some will be futility and for others life, but that is the final table of accounting. The ultimate Justice was meted out on My Son, when He took upon Himself ALL that is unfair and cruel in the world in which you live. 

Be at peace, I am. Receive hope and joy, I offer them in abundance. Let the warmth of My love touch your heart once again. I love My children. I speak this over and over as you walk in troubled times. Follow My whisper. 

Whispers from Your Father, God