Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

Over the weekend, I had a friend from work who made the decision not to put his dad on a ventilator. With family around, his dad passed shortly thereafter. I heard of another whose mom was given the analysis that there was nothing more that the hospital can do. Several work environments are under incredible stress because of the shifting of labor due to the absence of workers. I went to bed with a heavy heart for those who are walking among such pain and stress.

Actually, I spent some time praying for each of these situations which I was familiar with personally. I am convinced that we need to remember that our prayers are more than just for our own ears and comfort. Our prayers are not bound to the walls and room in which they are spoken. 

With our hearts engaged and our cries directed at the throne of God, our prayers approach the throne of grace with boldness. This boldness is not demanding that God has to do something because we ask it. The boldness comes because we have a right to be in God’s presence. Jesus is interceding for us at the right hand of the Father. He turns to God and says, “this is the one that I was telling you about. As one of your children, they have been struggling with pain and grief. Let’s listen.”

Prayer is the first and greatest privilege that is given to us to “carry the burdens” of another. Prayer gains an audience with our heavenly Father and softens our hearts toward the needs of others. Prayer opens our eyes to see the path that another has trodden. Prayer lets our feet experience the troubled road that others are taking.

Once we have prayed, the decisions become clear of the next steps to carry the weight for our friends. Honest and sincere prayer moves into the service of loving actions. Prayer may lead to more prayer, but it will always lead to expressions of giving. 

May your prayers lead to increased opportunities to bear each other’s burdens. Give. Give a phone call, give a listening ear, give of your presence, give a card, give financially, Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

The Body of Christ was created to share and bear one another’s burdens. Don’t let distractions  cause you to miss carrying your end of the load. Prayer reminds you where your hands need to be positioned in order to be the most useful.

Blessings Love y’all