“Sing, barren woman, you who never bore a child; burst into song, shout for joy, you who were never in labor; because more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who has a husband,” says the Lord. Isaiah 54:1 NIV

Beautiful Once Again – Another Whisper

I asked the children of Zion to sing and shout while they were in captivity. I asked them to believe My promise that I was not through with them. I asked them to look beyond the pain and discipline to the promises of more life.

Their children, siblings and grandparents had died or gone into exile. My discipline was harsh. But that was NEVER the end of the story for them or for you. I desire for you to walk in life and light. Though it may look different than what you first hoped for, I will prosper you.

Faith in My promises produces fruit differently than your working hard for it. I can open a womb for children, I can make a path where there was none, I open doors that no man can shut, I bring forth light in the darkest moments of your life, I pinpoint hope for you when you thought all was lost, and I have the ability to stay right beside you in the valleys, storms and on the mountains.

I only ask that you engage in the promises of life I have for you. Sing, shout, laugh, clap your hands, dance, jump, kneel and weep for joy. Even though it is yet to be seen, faith in My promises is helping you walk the right path.

My Son, Jesus, paved the way. Your deadend is not what you think. Your “all hope is lost” still has a future. Hold on! Declare My promises which are yet to be fulfilled. 

Share your story, while focusing on My redemption for you. I am a wonderful redeemer. I look for people just like you, to make you beautiful once again. I can even take the broken shards of your life and fashion them for a worthwhile purpose and to elegance. You are not broken beyond My abilities for life. Stop looking at your own strength and look to My strong arm to bring forth life from the grave, even yours.

All of My children, which includes you, are positioned to receive favor and blessing from Me. Like the dew, My favor settles upon those who are present. You don’t have to perform for Me, for My favor to rest upon you. Only receive it by faith that I love you and I am so very happy that you are mine.

Whispers from Your Father, God