So those who rely on faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith. Galatians 3:9 NIV

I woke up thinking and praying for a missionary that we support. She will be returning back to the mission field in a few days. I really wanted to see her before she returned. To set up a meeting, I called, no answer. I left a text message, no reply. I messaged her on FB again and there was no reply.

I had other business in Birmingham which is a 1 hour drive from our home, but I felt like I had a burden to see her. I told Pam, I just have this strong impression that I needed to connect on this day. Not knowing if this interaction would occur, I still drove to Birmingham. When I had almost completed my other two projects, she messaged me back.

She was very sick, having a negative reaction to the vaccine and would be unable to see me today. I told her I had a note and gift. She told me that I could stop by and give it to her mother.

Her mom opened the door and invited me in. My chest was heavy. I explained the reason for my visit. My friend had just taken some sleep medication and I would be unable to see her. I asked her mom about prayer needs. We spent a few minutes praying for healing, peace, wisdom, and protection for her as she returns. When the pray was finished, I felt the heaviness leave. I was certain that even though I did not get to see her, I had fulfilled what God was calling me to do.

Paul said there is a blessing for those who are of faith. These are the same blessings that Abraham received when he believed God and it was counted as righteousness for him.

Faith is not blind. It is a call to action based on a revealed promise or invitation. When Jesus told James and John to “follow Me”, they left their father working in his boat with hired help. They did not know how it was all going to turn out, they just knew to act on the invitation.

We receive salvation through faith. Jesus invites us to come to Him. When we ask Him to forgive us and come into our hearts. He cleanses us from our sinful past and creates a new heart for the Spirit to abide with us. All of that happens in response to acting in faith that Jesus will do what he says.

Our day to day interaction with God is still lived by faith in action and not by keeping a bunch of rules that would be expected of a good christian. Listen and hear God speak to you throughout your day, THEN do what He invites you to do with Him. You will be living by faith.

There is a point when you lean forward that you are no longer able to hold your balance. You may not like that feeling of being out of control. You know that the next lean could make you fall. Jesus lets you lean upon Him at that exact distance for support where He keeps you from falling. He has promised to never leave or forsake His children. He will always be there for you, even when it feels like you have made a mistake or you feel like you have moved to far away from Him.

There are blessings which you have already received and blessings that await for you to bring forth. On this Monday Mantra may you be blessed with the same blessings as believing Abraham. May your journey be filled with living and active faith responses as you journey with the Holy Spirit.

Blessings Love y’all