As the deer pants for the water brooks, So my soul pants for Thee, O God. Psalm 42:1 NASB

I thirst for thee – another whisper

Adam: God I want to be known as a man who is running after You.

Father God: My Son cried, “I thirst” while He hung on the cross. His body was crying out for life. His desire to live and not die was on full display for the many who still needed to know He identifies with all humanity.

Adam: What does it mean to hunger and thirst for You? Have I ever really been thirsty as the deer pants for water to live?

Father God: Oh, you do indeed understand thirst. But why do you buy bread which does not satisfy and spend on drinks which leave you empty? Come and spend your energies on water which flows with life.

Adam: But this time, I am serious. I really do want to seek You as my source for life. At the same time, I recognize my emotional frailty. I seek but give up on finding to easily. I knock and turn away at the first distraction which calls my name. I ask, Yes Lord, I ask so I may find You.

Father God: Come away My beloved. Come and find rest for your soul. I am not expecting perfection from you, for you fail to posses the abilities to keep your commitments no matter how sincere. I already know your hearts desire to come to Me. I am always available to you.

Father God: It is your gaze I am after. As a child locks eyes with the love of His mother and love flows freely from soul to soul, so I am always turned in your direction. As a father gives a warm loving embrace, so I am extending My care and compassion for you, My child. See My heart through the eyes of My Son and know I am with you always.

Adam: I will fali again. Why do you remain faithful to me?

Father God: Oh, my child! I always remain faithful, especially to My children.My Son left a Paid In Full stamp upon your heart when your sin was erased with His blood. You are clean and presentable to enter My throne with boldness. Come to Me and let Me show you great and mighty things I have in store for you.

Adam: I ask, “help Me understand how to thirst for you?” Do not play hide and seek. Help me choose wisely from those things on the balance which promise happiness, but have no weight to deliver. How then shall I live to find satisfaction in You alone?

Father God: Drink from the well of My unmerited favor. Love responds to love. You have been granted the desires to be the man after My own heart. Any investment in time alone with Me is stored up for eternity. When your heart expresses treasuring Me, I leap for joy for the opportunity to dance over you with singing. I love you, I love you. I love you. May your spirit be soothed with the wine of My love.

Whispers from Your Father God