because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you[a] free from the law of sin and death.  Romans 8:2

Free from Law of Sin and death

With our trips to Florida and the championship football games over the last month I have traveled over 5000 miles by car. I feel a little like singing the “I’ve Been Everywhere Man” song by Johnny Cash. With road travel you will incur construction delays, somewhere along the route, which happened for us north of Nashville. The 70 mile per hour traffic came to a wonderful speed of stop and go. Why?

There was a man holding a sign. His sign was the current law on the road. It superseded the old speed limit we were enjoying. His sign redirected our traffic flow away from the other workers who were building new roads. When he turned the sign to stop…we stopped. When he turned his sign to slow…we advanced slowly. He held the power in his hand to overrule the old pattern of behavior…driving 70mph on the highway.

Today’s Am I? I AM Declaration

Because of My union with Jesus, His law of the Spirit which gives life, has made me free from the law of sin and death. I am Free

The law of Sin and Death is more than the Mosaic law. It is the principle of Sin and Death having its way in our lives. I heard a man say once, “Sin makes you stupid”. I raise both hands in agreement. Why do we make the stupid decisions to lie, deceive, hurt, speak evil, become jealous, take another drink, remain in extramarital affairs, or gossip? Trying to explain why we did something in the light of afterwards just looks plain stupid.

Sin has wrapped its tentacles around our lives. We feel helpless to do something different and we fail again and again. We are trapped until someone can set a new principle in place. The fear of the permanency of death is real and never leaves.

The law of the Spirit brings life. The phrase “there is a new sheriff in town” would be an appropriate understanding, that things are going to be different now. No longer are you bound to the influence and trap which Sin previously had on your life.

Once, you felt incapable of choosing right behavior over wrong. Now you can walk away from trouble. Now you can keep your mouth closed and not say those hurtful words. Now you have eyes to see clearly the end of the road a choice would have led you. Now you no longer steal, but you can have the joy of giving to another. Now instead of cursing someone who has hurt you, you can forgive their debt and speak blessing over them. Now the Spirit leads you on the “high road” which carries NO sorrow with it.

Am I? I AM free from the law of sin and death. This is a verse to commit to memory regarding gaining freedom over “the sin which so easily entangles”. I would say something similar to this as an illustration.

“God, I feel a strong urge to judge that person’s character. But according to Romans 8:2, my union with Christ has made me free from the law of sin and death. That’s past tense. You already made me free when I became a child of God. I have been set free from judging. What is the law of the Spirit of life encouraging me to do? I ask for your forgiveness. God may you bless that person in the same way as I am asking you to bless me. They don’t deserve blessing anymore than I do outside of your grace. Bless them today.”

May you walk in the freedom and grace to know you “hath been made free from the law of sin and death because of the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. He has made you free. That’s something worth celebrating and meditating on all day long.

Blessings Love y’all