For I know the thoughts that I think toward you Jer. 29:11 KJV. God was having these good thoughts about their future while they were living, in their mind, “in an undetermined length of exile”. Our lack of knowing our future, even for tomorrow or the rest of our day, can open the doors for worry. But we serve a God who KNOWS us and our future. We will arrive not only at a good place, but the best place designed for us. God sees us and loves us. Love y’all.  July 27, 2018

Simply Sunday -God’s thoughts toward you

The above paragraph was the third text I sent to the “girls”. Fear of the future leads to anxious leaving. There are so many variables which are impacting our lives at this time which are out of our control. Gas prices, food prices, and supply availability are real and burdensome. What’s gonna happen to us?

God is on His throne and in charge. And yet, He is not too busy to have thoughts of your best interest at heart. Listen to His voice and make adjustments where needed. 

Then the next step is trust. When gas goes even higher and you have to limit your travel to other places…trust. When you have to skip a meal to make the groceries supply go farther…trust. When your coworkers start complaining and you are tempted to chime in, close the lips and…trust. When the TV news creates fear about wars, rumors of wars, and famine…trust. When you lay your head on your pillow at night and your mind is under assault with organizing thoughts of what happens next in my life…trust.

God loves you and is intimately engaged with you. Take a breath on this Simple Sunday and enjoy the thoughts of good, hope and future that your heavenly Father is having about you…right now.  Have a wonderful Sunday

Blessings Love y’all