31 and in the wilderness. There you saw how the LORD your God carried you, as a father carries his son, all the way you went until you reached this place.” Deuteronomy 1:31 NIV Italics and bold mine

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Blessings in the Wilderness

Happy Father’s Day! Yesterday! 

Its was an odd time of vacation for me over the last couple of weeks. I got sick while at the beach and my spiritual sensitivity to hear the Holy Spirit went quiet. I am committed to not write until I hear some manna from God. It is a small simple quickening from the Spirit with a Bible verse or thought that I feel compelled to write. 

Two things helped get me back on track, besides getting physically better. One, I realized I needed to spend more time reading the Bible for myself. Old crumbs don’t taste very good and they do not have the ability to sustain you. Two, there is no substitute for repentance and personal engaging worship. Asking, seeking and knocking are activities which we possess to pursue God so that we can find Him. He will be found by you.

Having said all of that, yesterday was such a joy when I woke up and heard God’s still small voice on and about Father’s Day. But I had grandkids over, and family, so I missed my open window of alone time to write. Today at 4:45 am I was ready to type again.

The chosen passage today is Moses’s recount for the children of Israel, just before they cross the Jordan river to enter the promised Land. I believe someone needs to be reminded of God’s faithfulness to you, His child.

And in the wilderness…

  • As well as the easy going times, God is with you in the wilderness, like the one you are going through now
  • When there is more to complain about than to be thankful for…God is with you
  • When physical fatigue overtakes you…God is with you
  • When  faith is being grown in the desert of life…God is with you
  • When nobody appears to be on the path God has chosen for you, He is with you
  • When you can’t see the end of the journey and it looks more like your destination of hurt and pain, God is with you.
  • When you feel like you make more bad decisions which keep you stuck in the desert, God is with you.

God carried you…

  • When He provided water from sources you did not nor could not make, He carried you
  • When He provided spiritual nourishment from His word to trust Him one more day….He carried you. 
  • When the body of Christ, prays for you, serves you, engages you…He is carrying you
  • When provision sustains you, He is carrying you.
  • When your need for wisdom is a little flame flickering for you to move on, He is carrying you
  • When you feel abandoned, He is carrying you

All the Way

  • God never stops short of taking you all the way
  • He who began a good work in you, will carry it on to completion
  • This world is not your home, Jesus is preparing a mansion for you
  • …Not to the finish line, but across the finish line
  • More than enough is His standard of care to bring you to your destiny
  • Your sin will fall away. It has no ticket to ride for the grace journey provided by Jesus on the cross.

Grab  whatever nugget of truth  that you need today, to keep on keeping on. Jesus, your brother and Savior is walking with you today…in your wilderness. 

May you remember the blessing of “faith steps” you have taken in your wilderness.

Blessings  Love y’all