baby cryingI waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry. Psalm 40:1 NIV

Pam and I are often asked, “what was it like to have twins”? I usually respond, “what was it like to have one baby”?  All we knew from the beginning was busy. I never had the luxury to sleep in and tell Pam,, “it’s your turn to feed the baby…” They would wake each other up, and we were both involved in meeting their needs.  To be fair, Pam really did most of the work…but she needed two babies to keep her busy. Ha.

Two ideas that really don’t seem to mesh…waiting patiently and crying.

Someone today really has been crying out to the Lord over a hurtful experience.  I am not suggesting literally crying, although you may be doing this also. Rather, it is a cry that reflects the brokenness of your heart. A pain that finds its expression in deep sighs.

LIke our twins, their cry was made so that others would notice their need.  The volume would increase, because that was the only way for them to communicate.  A baby must cry to let others know that they are hungry.

God has also established our cry to help us direct our pain to God.  In crisis, many times a person will cry out to the Lord…even it they formerly did not believe in Him. The appeal is…surely there is someone big enough out there to hear my pain.

But, there is also the sustained cry of waiting patiently.  There is a cry that says, “I don’t want just anybody, I want my mom or day.”  Waiting -Cry says I will not be consoled by a fake answer. I will not be duped by feeding myself with something that does not touch my pain.  I will continue to share my need with God until I know he hears me.

….And He is listening right now…

Blessings  Love y’all.