th-5You, God, are awesome in your sanctuary; the God of Israel gives power and strength to his people. Praise be to God! Psalm 68:35 NIV

Some may think of Me as a great reservoir of life hidden away where only a few may find me. They think that I enjoy the hide and seek in which I alone chose when to reveal Myself. Yet the truth is at My core, I am a “Giver”.

I love the world so much that I “gave” My son to them, even knowing that they would reject and kill him. I “give” warmth and rain to the just and the unjust. I breathed into Adam with my Spirit and “gave” life to him. All those living still carry the breath that I “give”.

When you grow weak, weary and without hope, I am especially troubled. Your body was made to be full of resilience, but you were not designed to carry the weight of the bad stuff in this world. I see the bent neck and slumped shoulders. I hear the deep sighs of exasperation and the muffled cries at night.

ENOUGH!. I am a “Giving” God. Even now my power and strength are being poured out toward you. The power that I unleash is more than adequate to meet your needs, because it is limitless. When you lack wisdom, I am read to “give” what your need. My Spirit “fills” you with boldness, which is My purity in action.

Because of the introduction of sin, your outer body grows weary. However, your inner person is receiving strength, day by day. I love to “give” – life, hope, light, and love. I am “giving” all good things to those I love. Receive from My hand and My heart today. I “give” you My love. I just wanted you to hear it from Me.

A Whisper from Your Father, God.