375340-Two-by-two_bannerAfter this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go…The seventy-two returned with joy. Luke 10:1, 17a. NIV

Passion for the Lost Part 5

On a crowded street in Bogota, Columbia, I stood with my friend Johnny Jones handing out Bibles and sharing the gospel. I was traveling with several business men and pastors who were all gifted in evangelism (not my gift). We had several thousand Bibles that we paid to be printed in Bogota and were distributing them.

I was intimidated. I had given many salvation messages from behind the pulpit, but this was on the street and through a translator. So I paired up with Johnny to “learn” how to do street evangelism. I listened to every word and question that he asked. I memorized the presentation. I paid attention to his pauses and the closing questions. Finally I was prepared. I took a translator with me and went through the presentation just like Johnny. Some accepted Jesus.

Passion for the lost is contagious. It’s caught by being around others who love people who need Jesus. Jesus understood the principle of strength in numbers. He sent 72 people out in pairs to do ministry. What happened? They returned with joy. In other words, they were energized through the experience of doing ministry with another person.

Jesus only sent the 72 out after they had been with him. They had watched and observed how he did miracles and ministered to others.  They just did what they saw him do.

Find someone that you know who is gifted in sharing the gospel with others and go do it with them. You may feel very nervous, but it is Biblical. We are commanded to do it. You CAN learn the methods. The Holy Spirit will enable you with the boldness.  JOY is awaiting your obedience.

The gospel pattern is to go in two’s. So, who is gonna be your partner? If you are evangelistically inclined, who are you training…they need your help.

Blessings Love y’all.