Van in the desertGuide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. Psalms 25:5 NIV

In 1997, Our family of 7 took one of our most memorable vacation trips across the US, this was before GPS. In the middle of Nevada. I decided to go a certain way without retracing our steps ( code for I did not want to turn around), AND the map showed a cutoff road. When we got to the intersection, the cutoff road was a dirt road leading into a pasture which looked more like the desert. We actually felt like we were near the bomb testing area for the airforce.

We were in a conversion van which is definitely not an off road vehicle. We drove for several miles and then we came to a muddy section near a creek. I wanted to drive really fast and make it across, Pam wanted to turn around. We had no cell phone coverage. What should we do?

King David is presenting his request to God for help in daily living. The Hebrew word for “guide” is “darak”. It means to lead, march or tread similar to the idea of treading upon grapes in winepress. It implies repeated action such as military being made to march.

David is not just asking God to point him in the right direction of life. He’s pleading for God to make him “march” over truth so much that he knows what it feels like. The familiarity of the path will encourage him that he has been this way before. This is helpful for knowing how to respond to situations such as – how do I tell the truth, or how should I treat someone who has offended me?

Hope is actually the Hebrew word for “wait”. David again let’s God his Saviour know that he wants to be taugh…for I am waiting to learn from you all day long. What a good reminder about our relationship with God and walking with him. It does not, nor has it ever been about only being close to HIm at devotion time. Through the presence and help of the Holy Spirit, we stay in constant communion to the God’s voice and leading.

May God lead you to “march” in His truthful ways…all day long.

Blessings Love y’all

The rest of the story. We had food and a tent, so I was okay if we got stuck in the middle of the desert. The boys and I walked across the area and decided we should go for it. We made it. However, we did get stuck in Kings’ Canyon, but that’s another story