th-14because our gospel came to you not simply with words but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and deep conviction. You know how we lived among you for your sake. 1 Thessalonians 1:5 NIV

Passion for the Lost – Identify Part 10

In 1983, I joined several college students on a summer mission trip to Taiwan in which we shared the gospel while teaching English. Did I mention it was summer? At night, our naturally inspired atmosphered bedrooms were sticky hot. My translator, Moses, suggested that we go sleep on the 3rd floor roof top (flat). It was indeed much cooler. We had great talks and created memories for a lifetime. Except for the pigs being slaughtered in the market between 3-4 a.m. and the sun cresting the horizon at 5 a.m., it was an enjoyable night’s sleep.

We migrate toward things we understand and with whom we have a comfortable feelings. For most Christians that means we will tend to “huddle” with other Christians. To love the lost, we need a strategy to become involved in their lives.  Jesus said he would teach us how to “fish” for men, he knew we would need some guidance. Just like fishing for fish, you need to have the right equipment, location and timing to be effective.

In Luke 10 when Jesus sent the the disciples out, he told them the strategy for effectiveness. I suggest you create a continuum of activity with your “lost” friends so that you can be strategic about where to go next.

  1. Begin a conversation – Call them by name and wish them blessings for their day.
  2. Deepen conversation – Learn the Five W’s about their lives, Who are they, where are they from, what do they like, when did things happen, why are they working, studying, or living here.
  3. Share a meal or coffee together – What do they like to eat and where?
  4. Invite them to your house for a meal and then go to their house
  5. Participate in a shared activity – a ball game, movie, concert etc.
  6. Pray for their shared or felt needs that are important to them (at this point, prayer will become easy because you have entered into a concern and passion for them)
  7. Share your testimony and include scripture
  8. Share the good news of Jesus love
  9. Explain how a person accepts Jesus into their lives
  10. Give invitation for them to pray and receive Jesus

Make up your own “fishing” strategy. Then, find where your “lost” friends are on the list. Be intentional in moving them to the next number. Pray that God would orchestrate the opportunities to arise so that you can be effective.

To be a good fishermen you have to be near or on the water. Credibility of your changed life occurs when you are doing life together with others who need Jesus. You will also begin to identify with their pain. Praying that God touches you at your point of need today.

Blessings, Love y’all