IMG_2397For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. 2 Corinthians 5:14 NIV

Passion for the Lost –    Part 9  Love

When Pam and I first started dating, she was working as a counselor at Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center. I was working at our home..600 miles away. This was before the abundance of personal cell phones and texting, and private email accounts. So we communicated through the time tested art of handwriting letters sent through snail mail.

You can discern the growth in our relationship by noticing the change in our letters. Specifically it is revealed in detail in the way we signed our closing. Signed Greg, your friend Greg,  thinking about you, Greg, really in-like Greg, and finally being the first to use the “L” word, Yours truly, Love Greg. How would she reciprocate? We’ve been married 32 years.

We have a knowledge that people who are not followers of Jesus are lost and will spend eternity apart from him. We know that the Bible teaches that they will not believe unlesss someone is sent to tell them. Our head is fully in agreement that more needs to happen to share the gospel. Yet, we still lack the courage to overcome our fears and share the good news with others regularly. Why?

Lack of love. Love is one of the strongest motivators in the universe. Parents will do without much, so they can give to their children. Men soften their tough and hardened demeanor in order to show tenderness to their special lady. Men in armed services commit to a code to lay down their lives for the love of their country. God sent Jesus to the world, because He loved us

This verse reflects the motivation of love from the other side of the coin. We are not the initiator of love, but rather the recipient of love. Jesus made a statement that the one who is forgiven much loves much. Herein lies the focus of today’s writing. Passion for others first starts with reflecting on the love that we have already experienced.

When we reflect on our own life’s troubles and stupid actions, we can begin to see how far away from God’s love we actually were. Yet, He pursued us and accepted us into His family. “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” 1 John 3:1 NIV.

Our response to His love, is to begin to love what He loves. Paul says that the love of Christ has grabbed him. This love holds on to him and influences everything he does. Paul endured all types of persecution and troubles in this life…just to share with others the love of Christ.

Don’t go down the path of condemnation for lack of sharing. Rather, start finding ways to nurture your loving relationship with God

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the expressions of God’s love that you have experienced and are living in now.
  • Begin to openly thank Him for His love to you. Making mention of certain details that you notice He is providing for you.
  • Engage in worshipful moments. Worship is not just 2 hours on Sunday. Explore ways to live a lifestyle of worship…singing, prayer, journalling.
  • Read the Bible as God’s love letter to you.
  • Bring your pain and confusion to Him. Love is nurtured in the intimacy of our hiding place, where God loves us, still.

Telling others about Jesus is easy when you are crazy in love with Him. My friends knew when I had talked with Pam the night before on the phone…it showed all over my life.

Jesus really does love us. He signed “His Letter” with His own blood.

Blessings Love y’all