image1When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine.”  “Woman,[a] why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.” His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you. John 2:3-5 NIV

Yesterday I went to Pensacola to help officiate a memorial service for Pam’s cousin. Pam went a couple of days earlier to help prepare for the event. Through my mistake on some clothing attire, we were 10 minutes late. I quickly went to the front to talk with the officiating minister about the order of service and when I was supposed to share the family eulogy.

He pointed to his role in the program and then came to the song It Is Well. “You will lead the congregation in this hymn.”

WHAT!, “I sing, but I haven’t led a song for the service in like, forever, at least not one with the accompanied piano. The worship leader leads, I have a tendency to follow the piano.”

He pointed to Pam, “She said you would be happy to do it. She is your wife, right.”

Understand the service was already late, the congregation is waiting and we are on stage while I am having a mild melt down. I called Pam to the stage and confirmed that she indeed “donated” me to that role. She said, “you sing all the time to the kids, you can do it.” I replied, “Then you are doing it with me.” She said yes.

So without any practice or decisions of who sings which part, Pam and I sang a duet. The irony of the unsettling moment, we are singing It Is Well With My Soul. God was indeed gracious and it fit the moment to honor her cousin.

Even though, it was not his time, Jesus fulfilled his mother’s request. Why? When we get to heaven we can get the full answer, but in the meantime here are a couple of insights that are true in general.

  • Women have the “ability” to see things that need to be done quicker than men. Notice another woman got Jesus to heal her daughter when His calling was specifically to the Jews.
  • Women, give us time. We men may be slow to respond. Just because you fully realize the need, doesn’t mean that men are that quick to grasp your urgency. Let men adjust their thinking to catch up with their motivation. For the most part we want to please you.
  • Women, don’t abuse your gifting. This is the only time recorded that Mary got involved to this level with Jesus. Please be led by the Spirit and not your own insecurities or fear of pleasing others. Eve made ONE wrong decision about what to serve for supper, but got it right 99.9 percent of the time.

Men, God said we can’t do life by ourselves, so He gave us a helper. Sometimes her help is to inspire us to be more engaged with child rearing and household responsibilities, to help with the needs of others, to serve those caught in web of injustice, or pointing out our blind spots of selfishness.

Women, thank you!

Blessings Love y’all