three bible reading ladiesBlessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near. Revelation 1:3

A group of three ladies shared their 15 minutes of Bible reading in Genesis at our Bible Reading Marathon. The American UA student started reading first…in Spanish. She is a nursing student who has a desire to enter medical mission work. She slowly worked her way through Genesis. Next, a Cuban lady approached the podium and read fluently in Spanish. I was told later that she is a seeker of Jesus and involved in the International Ministry of First Baptist. She did not want to stop and used up most of the remaining time allotment. The final Vietnamese lady asked to just read a few verses in her native language.

Why do Pam and I continue to host and encourage the Bible Reading Marathon? We hunger to continually place ourselves in the position of blessing. This is not a matter of making ourselves pleasing to the Lord by righteous living, for we are only acceptable to God through the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf. Rather, it is making intentional choices to remain under the spout where the glory runs out.

Our verse today declares that there is a blessing for reading the word, listening to the word and putting it into action. During our Bible reading, I have observed again and again the surprising joy arise as people have engaged in their reading. Fifteen minutes seems to go by way too quick. I love making this time of reading a possibility for others

Reading the Bible aloud engages more of your senses. Faith is stirred when your spirit man hears the words of the Lord. The Holy Spirit hovers over the reading of the word to bring its promises to pass. Even those who struggle through the names and locations are encouraged after their time of reading.

There is also a blessing for listening to the Word of God. Paul says that we are to continue in the public reading of Scripture, meaning that there will be those who are listening. Nehemiah records that true repentance occurred after listening to the law being read. To listen well, is to place our hearts underneath the marinating influence of His authority over our lives.

John states that the time of Jesus return is near. All the time that you take investing in absorbing God’s word is profitable. It will not return void, but will accomplish its purposes in our lives.

May we be those who are known as “people of God’s word”. May we throw off all distractions that keep us from intimate time in God’s word. May the Holy Spirit cause the Words of God to spring to life and bear fruit in every way.

Bible Reading – April 28th – May 1st 2019

Blessings Love y’all