bad words.jpegFrom the fruit of their lips people enjoy good things, but the unfaithful have an appetite for violence. Proverbs 13:2 NIV

If you had to eat all the words that come out of your mouth, how good would the words taste? Sometimes the food we eat does not agree with our stomach. Partly digested, a burp comes forth. You may respond, “this doesn’t taste as well the second time around.” Disagreeable words have the same impact.

What types of words bear bad fruit? 

All curse words are off limits and those are easy to identify. If you were raised and work in a curse word environment, you must learn to use replacement words to redirect your thinking. This is not easy, but it can be changed over time. Gotta be putting lots of good thoughts inside your life to counter the curse word explosions.

Judgmental comments should be avoided. God alone is judge. He clearly states that the measure (judging words) that we use about another person, we will be judged by that same measure. Judging is to declare intent and value over someone’s actions. “She’s just acting that way because she thinks she is better than anyone else. He doesn’t like me and always makes himself look good. Those people are just plain evil.” The Bible states that our role is to bless instead of judge. Speak blessing to receive blessing fruit.

Impatient ramblings. Can’t tell you how many times that the slow car in front of me is an elderly person. My thoughts change quickly when I think about their challenges to navigate a busy highway. That will be us one day, the Lord willing of long life. How would I want me to respond to my future old self?

Ungratefulness. No gift can fill the bucket of an ungrateful person. This characteristic keeps their view of the whole world as half empty.  Even the pursuit of more does not have the volume to fill their cup. Plant seeds of thankfulness. In other words, start very small at cultivating a thankful heart. Find one thing to be thankful for and speak it aloud. Add more thoughts and words throughout your day. Let thankfulness bear fruit into your home life, your work, your driving experience, schooling, your entertainment world. Thankfulness is a fruit of your lips that always taste good for you and for the other person.

You are speaking? Whatcha eating?

Blessings Love y’all