The Lord will count when He registers the peoples, “This one was born there.” Selah Then those who sing as well as those who play the flutes will say, “All my springs of joy are in you.” Psalm 87:6-7 NIV

You were born in such a time and in a certain place in order that you may found Me and that you may know Me. Above your nationality and your race, connecting with Me brings peace for the purpose of your life. Even at home in your country you are a restless wanderer until you build your home in Me.

I love the diversity of tribes, languages, colors and nations.  I know your birth home, village, city and country. I know the family from which you came and the circumstance surrounding your conception and birth. I engage in joy with you of another child being birthed into this world, into your country, into your family.

Out of the multitudes existing today, it is no trouble for Me to keep My eye upon you. I am not impressed by your national pride, nor am I repulsed from your shame. There is no skin tone that I love above another. I am familiar with the turmoil of circumstances in which you are living and those cluttering your mind. I know the hunger for peace in your heart. Nothing is hidden before Me concerning your life, All the good and the bad is open and laid bare before My word which speaks to your heart.

Spring up o well. Let joy arise within your heart and life today. Know Me, listen to Me. My Son, Jesus, was born in Zion that all of the world may know Him. There is no border wall, no country gate, no city limits, nor any disant territory that can keep His message of love from finding you.

I am committed, more than determined, that we be united in love. I have made all preparations for your sin to be forgiven that our fellowship with one another may be one. Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you. Lean into My whisper and let your heart rejoice.

Whispers from Your Father, God