DeathAnd being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to death—even death on a cross. Philippians 2:8 Berean Study Bible


Death approached the throne in silence

As he entered the presence of God

Uncomfortable worship was all around

His time to speak began with a nod


He pointed a finger at the Prince

And spoke deliberate and slow

I will hold nothing back against you

When you decide to go


Earth is my dominion

All lives will end the same

Fear of me is intensely real

All lose when playing my game


I’ll pour out my darkest clouds

No cheating to help you cope

Upon you the weight of utter despair

I leave no room for hope


Follow the rules you must

Your divinity comes not into play

You will die like all the others

My words will have the final say


I will not loosen my grip

Pain and fear all the way

Your last breath is my to hold

In the ground you will stay


Now humble yourself before me

You’ve decided not to cheat

No man escapes my horror

You must also lay at my feet


The Prince spoke his mind

The Word had one thing to say

He turned and faced the Father

Not My will, I choose Your Way


Death was pleased and showed a grin

As he exited the throne of grace

This time I know we will win.

When the Word enters into my space.


The Father spoke after Death had left

While watching, I will not stop their plan

At the cross shame and death await

Your flesh cries out, when you become a man


There is more to this story

That is waiting to unfold

I will receive all the glory

When the final act is told


To the grave you must go

Your body will see no decay

For In 3 days you will arise

My words will have the final say


Grave will lose its victory

Death gives up its sting

Under your feet, Jesus

Prince of Peace and King of Kings