th-20‘Thus you are to be holy to Me, for I the LORD am holy; and I have set you apart from the peoples to be Mine. Lev 20:26 NASB

I am holy, without spot or blemish. I have always been holy and will always be holy. LIke my goodness it is part of my core essence. It is the filter that I use in all of my judgments. I make no mistakes. I make no exceptions. I am perfect and only that which is perfect is allowed in my presence.

So, why should I place an expectation upon you to be holy as I am holy? Since the sin of Adam and in your present state, you have never been holy as I am . Since the time of Adam, a people created in My image have been separated from my presence. I take no delight in this time of separation.

I am relational. As a Father, I long for my children to be with me. The only way into my presence for that which is unclean is lifeblood for lifeblood. When Adam sinned I showed him how to kill the first animal as a substitution for his uncleanness. The sound of death was first heard in the presence of Adam and Eve. Life(less) was witnessed as the animal lay dead. Blood was poured forth on the ground that I created. The life in that blood took Adam’s place of death.

My Son, Jesus, died on the cross. A perfect man, a sinless man, an innocent man, and a holy man died on a tree that I created. His blood fell to the ground and yells to all of creation for all eternity…”It is finished”.  

Access to my presence of holiness now has an entrance. The path is open to all who wish to be identified in death with my Son. For you will rise holy, as He is Holy. Come my child, your reproach has been removed. The stench of your old selfish ways is no more. Approach the throne of grace boldly today. I am here. I am Holy. In my Son, you are also clean. Come unto Me.

Whispers from your Father, God