th-23Christ Himself, 16from whom the whole body is joined together and connected by every joint and ligament, as every part effectively does its work and grows, building itself up in love. Ephesians 4:16 MEV

Recently Micah and Michele came over for a visit. Pam and I were busy so they siblings hung out together until we got home. Micah (26 years old) had bought a small elaborate Lego StarWars fighter jet, which he fully assembled before we got home.  We actually have a very large tub full of his lego bricks waiting to be unleashed during an extended grandkids stay in the near future. It’s amazing to see how creative minds begin to put things together.

The word “joined” is fitted in many other translations. It is a combination of three greek words, one of which is “lego”, yeah pronounced just like the toys. It has several meanings  which includes putting words together in order, or to “lay down” with the idea of counting, or laying down and picking up again to reassemble.

God has a purpose for your life in Christ. It starts with those you are “connected with”. The Christians in your life have been placed there to support you. You needed and still need them to be an effective member of Christ body. Even the rough times and arguments are used to “fit” you together better. Don’t pull away. In fact, in following Christ there is no way to be an unmember, unconnected part, doing your own thing. Somebody shared Jesus with you to help you get “connected”.

Secondly, you have people in your life that need you. They need your steadfastness, your consistency, your strength, your wisdom, your experience and your time. Jesus in you let’s them know they are loved. They need your encouragement to help them know that they can also make a difference with the people that are in their “box of influence”.

Don’t know if the Lego makers picked up on the greek word, but according to Eph 4:16, Christ is the first and ultimate “Lego Master”.  He is still building and using you and me as His bricks to build His body.

Blessings Love y’all