th-56 for you are receiving the end result of your faith, the salvation of your souls. 1 Peter 1:9 NIV

I am at the age where I need reading glasses. I still try to squint and exercise my eyes to make them focus, but I am amazed at how clear things really are when I put them back on. So, the other day I could not find them. I actually have several pair laying in different spots, but I was looking for the last pair that I was using. I asked Tre if he had seen them in the kitchen. He started to turn to leave the room, but looked back at me and smiled. He pointed to his head. With a little embarrassment, I touched my head. Oh, there are my glasses.

Today, you may be busy trying to get your spiritual life back in order. You may be feeling distant from God, so you are searching for the activity that will get you back into the groove. Possibly, you feel a little out of sync with the rhythm of His presence. The truth is you already have this treasure within your earthen vessel.

“For you are receiving” is the middle voice of komizó meaning to bear, carry or obtain. The middle voice means that you are bearing the weight of this upon yourself.

“The end result” is the greek word telos. It’s not just the end of all things. Rather, it is the culmination of the end.  It arriving at Disney World, but it includes all of the adventures along the way.

“Salvation” is the greek word soterio from the root sozo. This is a very full word with many implications for the salvation of our souls. It includes the deliverance away from something bad, but also grants the promises of all that is good for us. You will be living in the fullness of health in your soul.

God is allowing you to carry the promises of the end results of your faith in Christ. You don’t have to go looking for these promises, they are yours today, right now. The middle voice of the word receiving means that you are already in possession of the fulfillment of the promise of health and wellbeing for your life.

May you feel the weight of that which you already possess, so that you know it is yours today.  May you sense the joy of the forgivenness of your sins, they are ALL paid for. May you walk in the knowledge of hope that Christ is in charge as King of your circumstances. May you live in the presence of peace with the Prince of peace ruling in your heart. May the warmth of the love of Father God embrace your spirit to reveal how valuable you are to Him. May your spirit be fully present with the reality that your are in real time in possession of the treasures of God’s promises for His children.

The working out of your salvation is not trying to be good enough to obtain the prize. Rather, it is the implentation of the spiritual resources of that which you already possess. May God show you today how faith engages these promises to become active in your life. 

Right now, I am placing my hand over my heart. These promises are yours, right here, right now.

Blessings Love y’all