th-57And (Jesus) saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” Mark 1:15 ESV

Ran into a follower of Jesus yesterday and we started talking shop (about cool spiritual things). He told me about a 94 year old man in which they prayed for his healing for diabetes and neuropathy. The man called a few days later to report healing from the diabetes, but that he still had the neuropathy. They prayed together again.

My friend asked him if he was a believer in Jesus. “Yes” the man replied.

“When did you become a follower of Jesus?” My friend asked. 

“When I was 92,” responded the man. 

“You would have gone to hell at 91, why did you wait so long?”

“No one ever told me about Jesus”! Silence for a moment

After Jesus baptism, anointing with the Holy Spirit, and victory over temptation, He started preaching. His first announcement was that there was a shift in the heavens. An open door was now open. The space-time continuum was aligned for this moment for the world to see that God’s kingdom was available to mankind on a different level than ever before. God’s kingdom was at hand…close enough for people to touch it. Jesus the Prince of Peace was present among them.

This good news of the arrival of God’s kingdom has a qualifying factor. One must repent of their old way of thinking and living and believe in Jesus. Not everyone will see the power and presence of this kingdom that is now among us. For those who choose to repent and believe they gain the right to see the kingdom and become children of God.

Timing is important for both sowing and reaping. Every chance that we get to share the good news with another person, moves their heart toward believing in Jesus. For some reason, the primary plan for this good news to be presented is for us to share (talk about) it with another person.  No talking, the good news is silent for those who have never heard. When we respond to the urge to share, God’s timing kicks into gear in working on the heart of the person hearing the good news of Jesus’ desire to rescue and deliver them.

Today, ask the Lord to open your heart to the timing for the opportunity to share with another person. The harvest is plentiful. It could be a teenager or a coworker who hasn’t heard the good news. Or it could be a 91 year old man, who is still waiting for someone to share the gospel…that could be you today.

Blessings Love y’all