But the one who endures to the end will be saved. Matthew 24:13 CSB

Recently a famous Christian author has announced that in light of his new found understanding, “I am no longer saved.” His revelation has brought the controversy over “once saved, always saved” to the forefront. Some say, “this just reveals that he was never saved.” Others are praying for him to “repent and come home again like the prodigal son”. Underlying all of the story is the question “how does anyone endure till the end?”

When you read the above verse, what emotions does it evoke within you. Some are fearful thinking they may not have what it takes. Some think that a particular troublesome sin in their life will be their undoing. Some view this passage as a God above who is the great “whack a mole” smacker who is just waiting for a Christian to get out of line so he can hit him with adversity to get him back in line. A few hear Jesus speak about a time in the future when they will be many who find excuses to turn away.

The word endure in Greek is hupomenó. It carries the idea of persevering. It is a compound word of under – remaining. The image means to remain under the load.

Jesus statement reveals that there is a load to carry to be one of His followers. He also tells us that we are yoked with Him. A yoke is a wooden device that puts to animals together to do the work. Typically a younger bull is placed with a stronger seasoned bull who does most of the work while the young bull adjusts to his new work.

We are never alone in the yoke. God knows our frailty. He knows our tendency in failing to keep our commitments. Yet he is still yoked with us.

I realize that I did not address the issue of eternal salvation or losing your salvation. Only God truly knows the eternal destiny of this young author.

As for you, receive hope today. Jesus statement revealed that there will also be those who do indeed endure to the end. Let’s focus on making the next right step that leads to the great cloud of witnesses cheering us on to complete the race with joy.

Your decision to follow Jesus today while remaining under the load inspires others and the generation that follows that Jesus is truly worth it. He alone has the words of life.

Get yoked up! There is a harvest to reap.

Blessings Love y’all.