so dear to my heartBut as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”1 Chronicles 15:7

Disney released a movie in 1948 called So Dear to My Heart. A young country boy learns the character traits of endurance and responsibility by having to care for a black lamb which he wants to take to the county fair. At one point he wants to quit and give up. An owl sings a song entitled Stick-to-it-ivity  to encourage him by using the examples of others who persevered.

But, you’ll nver get there if you don’t stick to it 

Now, let me tell you about a fellow who had the right stuff

And wouldn’t give up, even when the goin’ got rough.

King Asa received a word from God by the prophet Azariah instructing him to not give up. Where does the strength come from to finish the hard task? As a child, when did you learn the value of completing repetitive chores – or did you? Our verse today, may give you the extra incentive to move forward again.

Personal Responsibility – “But as for you”. We have a tendency to compare ourselves by others in just about every category. This is also true of completing task. If you had siblings growing up, it seemed the boys had the  easy jobs, while the girls had the longer list. The point is, that each person must learn the value of completing their own tasks. 

It’s not somebody else’s “job” to do your work. You need to feed yourself spiritually, it is not the pastor’s work. If you are able, you need to work to provide for yourself. It’s not your parents responsibility, the government or charity organizations to sustain your living. This is not a popular concept today in many circles, but it is a solid principle in the scriptures.  If you don’t work….you don’t eat.

There are of course other areas that need personal responsibilities. Physical health would include eating,exercise and rest. Regular maintenance of personal property such as house and vehicles. Finances are a challenge for many. Gain the skills necessary to address each of these areas with proficiency.

Don’t deflect the spotlight in any other direction. The camera is focused totally on your activity. You are not a hero, but you are the main character in what is being accomplished through your gifts and talents. Choose your words wisely. Reorganize your time. Do the hard tasks first.

Note – we all fail. Best intentions lie scattered like bread crumbs behind us. Grace speaks to us individually. This was the word of the Lord to King Asa…but as for You! Even when things are going bad all around us and even when we have failed. Grace speaks to us to have the strength to move forward.

Today. I hear the words.  Don’t give up. God is with you and will reward your perseverance. Go ahead and begin the completion of those unfinished tasks.  You will be glad you did.

Blessings. Love y’all