The Adventures of Jimbob Rabbit and Wally Racoon

The Perfect Soap


Narrator: Way back in the wonderful woods the animals there are a whole lot like people and if you listen real close you can almost hear our two friends Jimbob rabbit and Wally racoon talking. Jimbob and Wally were walking home from school

Jimbob: I just came by the country store and got two items.

Wally: Are you going to buy some more school supplies?

Jimbob: No, I need to buy a big bag of cotton balls and a bar of soap.

Wally: Does you mom need them?

Jimbob: No these are for me.

Wally:Are you gonna use them for a school class project?

Jimbob:No, these are for ME….

Wally: Uh? You don’t bath with a bar of soap, what are you gonna do with those?

Jimbob: I have determined to keep myself perfect. I am not gonna make one mistake this year. I am not gonna let anybody make me mad and I am not gonna say anything bad…hey that rhymes.

Wally: That’s really a good idea trying to be perfect, but what are your gonna do with the cotton balls and soap?

Jimbob: Well, you know how fast I am. Everything I do is fast. I am the fastest in our class. I get the school work done the quickest.

Wally: Yea, but it’s not always right.

Jimbob: That’s not the point. I also talk to fast and sometimes, like once in a while. It just sort of happens. That I say things that are hurtful and unkind. Before I can stop, the words just fly of my tongue like our friend Buzzy the Bee flies from one flower to another.

Wally: Yep, I have seen and heard you do that. Even if you remember to say you are sorry, you have already hurt the others feelings.

Jimbob: So, the Bible says that I am perfect

Wally: It does?

Jimbob: Yep, at least I am gonna be. Our preacher, Gus the Goose, looked straight at me last week when he read that Bible verse from James. He said, “jimbob, You are perfect.”

Wally: I was there! He never called at your name and he definitely didn’t say that you were perfect.

Jimbob: I guess, you weren’t listening very well. Then he said something about controlling the tongue or something like that.

Wally: Sooooo. What does that have to do with Q-tips and soap?

Jimbob: I have been thinking real hard about my problem with my words and I have a good plan. First, I take all cotton balls and I stick them in my ears.

Wally: How is that going to help?

Jimbob: Then I won’t hear all of the dumb stuff from other people that make me so angry. I realize if I don’t have to hear those stupid people, then I won’t have a problem. Oooops. I am not supposed to call them stupid.

Wally: What happens when you say something wrong

Jimbob: That’s where the soap comes in. I was watching a commercial and at the end of this particular soap the guy comes on with a smile and says ,”this bar of soap will clean anything.” Then I knew. It was like a light came on. I even thought I heard angels humming. “Jimbob this is your answer for a clean mouth. Buy it and lick it when needed.”

Wally: You are really weird, but I love you for it.

Jimbob: So, I bought the soap.

Wally: Well how good is it? Does it really clean your tongue?

Jimbob: Today is the first lick, Here goes

Narrator: Jimbob closes his eyes and sticks out his tongue as far as it will go. Then he slides the bar of soap along his tongue starting from the back and going all the way to the front. Wally thought that Jimbob’s face was turning a little green

Jimbob: Eewwwhh. Yuck. that stupid stuff is awful.

Wally: Jimbob open up your mouth

Jimbob: That stupid soap tastes really bad.

Wally: Jimbob open up your mouth

Jimbob: This is so dumb

Wally:Jimbob, open up your mouth


Wally: I gonna look and see what part of your tongue you missed cleaning, Cause it ain’t working right. Let me have the soap and spread it around.

Narrator: Jimbob agreed it wasn’t working and thought maybe he did indeed miss a spot. So he gave wally the soap. Wally took the bar and quickly covered the tongue from front to back and side to side making sure he did not miss any spots.

Jimbob: Water, Water, quick, I think I am going to throw up.

Narrator: Jimbob went on to say some things that not even I the narrator will repeat. But these words should not be cming out of a little one’s mouth or a bigger person.

Laughingly Wally turns to Jimbob

Wally: You need to go back to the store.

Jimbob: Why

Wally: The soap doesn’t work and you need to get your money back.

Jimbob: That’s not funny

Wally: Jimbob it really is funny. But you need to remember the rest of the sermon from Gus the goose.

Gus the goose: Boys and girls James said that our tongue is restless and no one completely controls it. The reason is that the words flow forth from the heart. Only Jesus can clean up the heart. Let him touch the places of pain, anger and unfairness. He will help words of love and kindness come forth.

Jimbob: He said that? Was that in the same teaching when he said I was perfect?

Wally: Yep!

Jimbob: I think Jesus is big enough and smart enough to help me clean my heart, but I have a bigger problem.

Wally:What’s that?

Jimbob: How do I get all of this soap junk off my tongue and out of my mouth!

Narrator:Well boys and girls, Jimbob is learning a hard lesson…how to control what comes out of his mouth.  Maybe you have outbursts that you wish you had not spoken. Part of the cleaning of the heart involves asking for forgiveness when we have hurt others. Why don’t you take a moment and ask Jesus to forgive you for the unkind words and ask him to help you speak life giving words to others.