still watersRest for the weary Continued

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Isaiah 40:29. NIV

Recently our pastor Jon Quitt was preaching through the 10 commandments and highlighted the fourth commandment to keep a Sabbath rest. He posed a question, “We know how to work, but do we know how to rest?” I thought about all of the busy stuff that i do on my days off. What actions can we take that allows God to restore our soul?

I started this conversation about rest last week at this link strength to the weary

The following ideas are like little creeks flowing toward a larger river. Each suggestion is just one way to receive rest…not the only way. I hope that you find your spot to receive the needed strength for your spirit and soul.

Honesty– To have a need met, it requires honesty. David said, “you desire truth in my inner being.” To receive from the Lord, sometimes we start by just admitting our need. The woman at the well with Jesus, asked for the living water that He was talking about. He did indeed answer her request and gave her living water.

This type of honesty is not a swap shop endeavor. This is not a tit for tat type of bargain. God is not impressed with the quantity of your busyness. You don’t store up works so that you now feel as if He is obligated to recharge you. There is no activity that you can hold in your hand as proof that now obligates God to do anything for you. He just loves it when we acknowledge our need to him and ask for help. Honesty is the starting point to receive from God. Are you ready to start that conversation? He is always waiting. Is there a topic that you told God that is off limits? Have you dialogued enough with Him that you are convinced that He wants the best for you always?

Location – You have permission to have a favorite resting place. King David recorded that the Lord would lead him to still waters and green pastures to have his soul restored. Both of these places of respite were physical destination points. You don’t have to go on vacation, but it is important to find some physical locations that you can identify as your place of refuge.

Do you have a quiet place to receive from the Lord? Jesus indicated that it could be a secret closet or small room. When the kids were small, Pam found a few moments to recharge while hiding out in the bathroom. It may even just be a chair next to a lamp so that you can read. I remember as a child going over to one of our Deacon’s home – Mr. Howe. In the corner of his living room was a recliner chair with little table and lamp beside it. His Bible was open with pages ruffled from consistent flipping while reading. It made an impression on me, that this was his spot. No TV or music. It was his place after work.

So, you have identified and found your spot…next week we will unpack how to be STILL in order to receive.

Blessings Love y’all