two leeches“The leech has two daughters.  ‘Give! Give!’ they cry. Proverbs 30:15 NIV

Mr. Leech was so proud, his wife was giving birth to twins. As parents they had decided to wait until they were born to name them. Mr Leech wanted boys, but had a nagging feeling that they were going to be girls. Mrs. Leech had the heart of a true mother and just wanted the babies to be born healthy.

It’s a girl, said the doctor. Mrs. Leech smiled. It’s another girl and congratulations! Mr. Leech was so thankful.

From that moment something seemed a little off. The girls were excessively clingy. Both demanded to be fed first. Both wanted to choose their clothes before the other had a chance to decide. Both talked excessively almost never pausing to let the other chime in. On and On this continued. It was not only draining for the parents, but soon none of the other family members wanted to be around the girls. 

Their selfishness was unnoticed by the girls. Life always revolved around their needs and their viewpoint. They could not even begin to understand why others were so upset. The concept that there was another way of perceiving life was unthinkable to them. When you are consumed with yourself there is not much room to even entertain others feelings.

“I have had it,” said Mr Leech. “You girls have disgraced the Leech family name. People will view our family as only wanting one thing. Beggars asking people to GIVE. They will think that all that we want is to take from other people. You are sucking the joy of life right out of the others. Stop taking and draining others. Is that what you want a Leech to be known for?”

“GIVE – GIVE shall be your name. No longer are you to expect that others will do anything for you. No longer Beg and Take. But now, Share and Give. If it helps others to learn to share and give, then I will post a picture of you two constantly begging for more. Oh the shame, a Leech begging for more.” Mr. Leech hung his head low as he finished talking.

Could the girls change? Would the girls change? Did they even notice what Mr. Leech was talking about? This type of blindness is hard to detect. Maybe you have seen it in others. What to do? What to do?

Blessings Love y’all