canaanite womanAnd a Canaanite woman from that region came out and began to cry out, saying, “Have mercy on me, Lord, Son of David; my daughter is cruelly demon-possessed.” Matthew 15:22 NASB

Two boys decided to wrestle in which only one could be the victor. They struggled for quite some time with pins that led to reversals. Finally one boy positioned himself with a dominant hold that was inescapable. The other boy pushed, pulled, and squirmed to be set free, but only found that he was securely bound. He tapped the ground and whispered for “mercy.” The other boy taunted, “Did you say something? Say it again.”

“Mercy” he said with a little more frustration and volume. The stronger boy taunted some more, “I still can’t hear you, say it like you mean it”. Now with anger at the injustice, the bound boy yelled and grunted, “Mercy!” Still the stronger did not release the hold. After a few more minutes, the one in the hold felt powerless and his muscles began to  relax from their fighting. With a broken voice and demeanor, he cried one more time, “Mercy, please.” The hold was released.

When your children ask for help, as a parent you give freely out of your resources, When a stranger ask for help, that person does not have a claim on your resources in the same manner. This Canaanite woman was a Gentile. She was outside the scope of Jesus ministry. While on earth, Jesus primary mission was to the Jewish people, although His death on the cross is available to all that would come for salvation.

She cried out to the Son of God for mercy. When you are backed into  a problem that you can’t fix, cry out to God for Mercy.  Crying out reveals your frailty, your weakness, and your helplessness. These are the prerequisites for mercy. The candidates resist, until their options appear to be all gone. Humiliation will not deter the one who needs and calls out for mercy.

When you are tired and weary of trying

When your options appear all  gone

When your eyes are wet with crying

And any help seems to be forgone


Cry out for Mercy from God above

Persist in in the way that you ask

You have a Father filled with love

Already working and answering the task


He sees your brokenness and pain

He hears the tremble in your voice

He is faithful again and again

Calling for Mercy is the right choice


It’s not enough to hope for it

Although that’s a great way to start

Keep voicing, calling, don’t quit

Mercy is a language of the heart


Today, do you see your need for a savior? Do you understand the crisis of our times? We can’t fix this by ourselves. Is your heart in tune with the language of Mercy? Are you still struggling to find a way out of your problem? Mercy, please.

Blessings Love y’all