share the good newsTheir descendants will serve Him; the next generation will be told about the Lord. They will come and tell a people yet to be born about His righteousness– what He has done. Psalm 22:30-31 HCSB

Who have I entrusted to share about My wonderful acts of deliverance to future generations? Who has the privilege to recount the stories of old when I engaged in the affairs of My children? Who declares My plans and purposes for the peoples of the world?

Who sits with their children at night and whispers My mighty acts of rescuing the people of Israel? Who retells the stories of King David, Joshua and Moses to a people who have yet to hear? Who counts it an honor to boldly proclaim My Son’s life, death, sacrifice and resurrection? Who unveils My glorious miracles to those who are eager to hear?

Who uncovers My words line upon line and precept upon precept so that I am thoroughly studied and My righteous acts are known? Who takes the time to sit with one person to open My word so that My Spirit can move over their heart that I am really here? Who is worthy to preach to the congregation of My expressions of love to generation after generation?

Who openly confesses to another the pain in their heart  which I came and soothed? Who is broken and vulnerable that cries out to Me and tells their friends that I became the strength of their life? Who takes the initiative to share with a stranger that I already know about them and love them?

It is to you, My child, that I have entrusted the hidden treasures of your personal knowledge of Me to share with another. It is you, My child, who has the privilege to open your mouth to let them hear about Me. It is you, My child, who finds a way to shout from the rooftops of the intimate relationship that we share together.

The next generation is waiting. The next generation knows Me not. The next generation has not heard Our story until you speak. Who will you tell?

Whispers from Your Father, God.