place of refugeTaste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8

If blessing is an umbrella, how big is the one that you use? How many areas of your life does “the blessing” cover? May God extend the borders of your blessing.

Some limit “the blessing” to material blessings. Those with nice cars, big house and lots of money are really blessed. Those with limiting stuff are not as blessed. Incomplete thinking. Jesus gave a parable of talents that each was given to use. The key to multiplication was stewarding what was given and not the total amount. One increased his talents 5 to 10 and another 2 to 4. Both received equal praise for the stewarding of what they were given.

Some limit “the blessing” to good fortune or good things happening. When life is going well then they think they are living in blessing. When life is a struggle they think somehow the blessing has been cut off. Either, they have misbehaved or Satan is attacking “the blessing”. This is a very tough idea to overcome.

King David said that the one who finds refuge in God is blessed. Why would someone need to find refuge if life is going well or if they had enough resources to overcome and obstacle? Struggles reveal our human limitations to manage life. When we find our source of strength to endure in God, we find blessing. When we continue to rely on our own efforts and wisdom, we bypass God’s provision and miss “the blessing”.

Ask the Lord to expand your understanding of the enormity of “the blessing” in your life. May it include the fruits of the Spirit ever growing in your life. May it increase your thankfulness awareness of “the blessings” that are all around which you take for granted. May you gain an ever increasing appreciation for God’s continued presence in your life. May you find the blessing that comes from taking refuge in God

Blessings Love y’all