lord is my shepherdThe Lord is my shepherd;  I have all that I need. Psalm 23:1 NLT

What is it that I heard you say? Even though you have been around people all day, you still feel all alone? You muse in your heart, what would it be like to be understood or to know that someone really cares about your feelings?

Loneliness is real. It is the effect of the break in intimacy that I once shared with my creation – man and woman. It causes such an ache that you search to medicate it with many pursuits. Just reminding you that your money, important positions, nice house and car, nor pursuit of pleasure will never fully address the longing to be loved.

Knowing Me as your shepherd allows Me to touch your loneliness. I never forget your name. In fact, I have a new name for you that you will find especially meaningful. You know my voice of warmth and love. You sense my presence to lead you and protect you for I never step away or go off duty. I remain present, whether you have been good or bad.

As your shepherd, I lead you to activities that restore your spirit instead of draining you. I just know you that well. I have an infinite supply of soothing oil to apply to your cuts and bruises. When our eyes lock, I see the fear and pain anticipating rejection. but you will find no rejection or shame within Me. I have determined that you should always see my response to you as being full of goodness, mercy and love.

As a your shepherd, I love to dwell together with you through all of the adventures of this life. I give light for you as we walk through the dark places. I have wisdom for every, and I truly mean every, situation that you are facing. I am strong enough to carry you when it is necessary.

As one of my sheep, I give you a privilege that is just for those who are called my own. You are in no way forbidden to come to Me as a child. And when I hold you close, I let you hear my heartbeat upon my chest. You realize that our hearts beat as one, for that is how close we are connected. This is My joy of being your shepherd, dwelling together for ever and ever.

Whispers from Your Father God.