braggingLet someone else praise you, and not your own mouth;

    an outsider, and not your own lips. Proverbs 27:2 NIV

Don’t brag about yourself–let others praise you.  Proverbs 27:2 CEV

Before a sporting event, it is quite common that boys talk a lot about “how good they are”, “ how much better they are” and “how bad they will beat the other team”. This escalates right up to the start of the game. One boy may say, “it is time to put up or shut up.” Another may say, “you can crow all you want, but you will be singing a different tune after the game.” Most times the one doing most of the bragging loses, but he usually has an excuse for that also.

Why do we feel the need to brag? Is it ever okay to highlight our achievements? Can you brag about your team or is that still bragging about yourself?

Some bragging occurs because of insecurity. You may not be sure that you are indeed good enough to produce the results necessary to dominate. But you have found that words can make up the difference. Words shift the conversation from any weakness to the strengths that you possess. If you deal with insecurity, learn the promises of your identity in Christ.  Only in Christ can I do all things. In Christ my sufficiency is in him. In Christ, I can’t ever be good enough perform well enough to make Him love me more. He accepts me as I am, strengths and weaknesses combined.

Some bragging occurs because of a lack of praise. There is a great need that we increase our praising for others to hear. The reality is that people are so consumed with themselves, they fail to praise another. These words of encouragement produce many rewards in the life of the hearer. How many children have repeated the positive words of their parents such as -”My dad says I am strong.” 

Congratulate, praise, speak well of, give another person his due, are all examples that we should be looking to give to others. Tell your wife how much you appreciate her cooking, cleaning and her sacrifices. Let them know that you appreciate the wisdom used in disciplining the children. It’s your words that can bring life to another.

You are awesome, just because you are you.

Blessings Love y’all