molten-silverRemove the dross from the silver, and a silversmith can produce a vessel; Proverbs 24:4-5 NIV

Raw silver and lead are mined together. The process to separate the two metals requires heat. The refiner will “heat up” the metals in a bowl until they become liquid. As the the frie is turned off the metals begin to cool and harden. The lead at the top (the dross) is skimmed off into another bowl. The process is repeated again, only the temperature required becomes even hotter. Each time the refiner uses a pure device and scoops the impurities off the top.  Traditionally, the refiner repeats the process seven times,. It is said that the refiner knows when the impurities are gone when he sees a “pure” reflection of himself in the silver. What is interesting about the process is that the impurities are hidden until the heat separates the “pure” from the “impure”.

In life, the pressures that we are facing allow impure motives to rise to the top. We should not be surprised at their presence. God is allowing this junk to “reveal” itself so that we can become more pure. Most of the time, we don’t like what we see, so we are pleading God to turn off the heat. If the “junk” is not skimmed off, it settles back into our lives waiting to be revealed during the next heated pressure moment that occurs.

  • What if you are not wanting to be processed right now? God is the silversmith and He knows what we need to be conditioned into a ready vessel. Trust His timing.
  • Shouldn’t God judge the one who is treating me unfairly and causing the pressure that I am in? He is God. He has the ability to work on the purity of the hearts of both people at the same time.  Sometimes, your response of humility and brokenness will be the elements needed to reach into the person’s heart who is blind to their abuse.
  • Will I ever be free from this one particular expression such as anger? Proper response of confession, brokenness and forgiveness will produce a greater maturity to deal with your anger. But even in metals, they still measure the presence of other metals such as grams of silver in a ton of lead.
  • Is it okay to ask God to remove the fire when you don’t think you take it anymore? Absolutely. The key is to find God in the fire and follow His lead. He will direct you into the proper response and the timing of the actions you should take.

His “fire” is not punitive in your life, but revelatory.  He wants you to see His reflection within yourself as He sees you. He as the ability because of Jesus to look pass the junk that still needs to rise to the surface.

Embrace the fire and trust your Silversmith who loves you.

Blessings. Love y’all