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For everyone looks out for their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ. Philippians 2:21 NIV

With my back to the cross

It is the world I see

Some good and some bad

So many options for me


Fill up my calendar

With lots of list and todo’s

My time is full of demands

Make a memo to think of You

I’ve got money to spend

Bills and debt is how I live

Never seem to have enough left

For those opportunities to give


I am very busy person

Saying yes to that or this

Saving time just for me

Now, that’s a life of bliss


Eating in or going out

It’s always on my mind

My stomach leads the way

To my flesh, I will be kind


Finding time to pray is hard

And reading my Bible is too

When you are busy like me

It’s difficult to follow You


With my back to the cross

On holy ground I stand

I felt a drop of blood

From the piercing on his hand


I turn and face the cross

A sacrifice of love to see

It’s time to give you all

Not the leftovers found in me