mom daughterBrothers, join in imitating me, and keep your eyes on those who walk according to the example you have in us. Philippians 3:17 ESV

I asked my son Jonathan, now 30, when did he learn to love Keith Green, a Christian singer in the late 1970’s, music? He told me, “ Dad do you remember all of those long trips we took to visit our family in Florida? You would drive through the night while all of us kids were asleep. Then you would play your old christian music on tape and sing along. Keith Green was your go-to music around 2 am. You thought we were all asleep, but I was listening.”

Don’t let imitating be intimidating. All of your conduct and speech is being observed. As parents we know this all too well. It is a little embarrassing when we hear our children spout off at another driver with the same words and inflections that they have heard come out of our mouths.

Some keys to remember for imitating

  • Choose your own role models wisely. Knowing more and more of Jesus helps us to gain and idea of how He would respond in a situation. Become intimately knowledgeable of His life story.  Also, look for good character qualities in others to emulate in your own life.
  • Choose to live your life according to godly values of honor, patience, love and kindness. Paul encourages us to think, live an act on whatever is good, honorable, and of good report. Let those be the values that guide your actions.
  • Don’t hide your weakness, but don’t brag about them either. None of us are perfect. We make small and big mistakes. Our children are watching very closely to “what will you do next?” Will you take personal responsibility for your failure? Will you blame others? Will you try to minimize it? Will you run from it? Do you confess in brokenness that you are sorry and ask for forgiveness? Children need to learn how to continue moving forward after sinning.
  • Don’t put yourself on a pedestal. Jesus alone is worthy of worship. You do make an impact in others, but you are not THAT important. Ask to be clothed in humility – it’s a one size fits all type of character quality.

May you be blessed to have great examples to follow as you blaze your own trail for others.

Blessings  Love y’all