images (12)In my alarm I said  “I am cut off from your sight!”Yet you heard my cry for mercy  when I called to you for help. Psalms 31:22 NIV

Peace to you My child. Peace! 

I created nerves. Sometimes they feel so fragile as if they will snap. You even use terms to describe this tension such as feeling “strung out”. As My Son calmed the waves of the sea in the storm, I speak peace to your nerves. Peace!

Inside your body, I created the hormone adrenaline which is triggered from a response at the very center of your brain during a fight or flight event. Remember that I recorded in My word not to be anxious. As you bring your request to Me, My peace will guard your heart and your mind which are both involved in that fearful moment. Peace to your mind and spirit. Peace!

Your mind needs to remind your tongue of the strength I have to fulfill all of My promises. In moments of feeling isolated, you say of Me, “God, doesn’t see my troubles, my way is hidden from the Lord, He doesn’t care about me, or He has left me.” This is not true, speak these words with Me, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.Peace to your tongue. Peace!

May your tongue recite My promises toward you. I hold you always before My sight as you are the apple in My eye. My Spirit remains, always. Even in the most fearful moment when you have no knowledge of what bad thing could happen next – I AM HERE. My Spirit quickly moves to occupy all the crevices in which you run to hide. Peace to your flight response. Peace!

Call unto Me, and I will show you the help of My amazing power of My peace and presence in your most dire moment of need. Peace!

Whispers from your Father, God.