1_22-1.jpgGive, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Luke 6:38 NIV

Tomorrow is #givingtuesday. This specific idea started in 2011 as Cyber Giving Monday by a theater group who wanted to make an alternative shopping cart item in the online world for donations. In 2012 the day was moved to Tuesday so as not to compete with Cyber Monday. Last year nearly $400 million dollars was moved to charitable giving on this day, impacting organizations worldwide. What motivates you to move money out of your bank account freely to another organization? Beyond guilt, why do people give?

For most the desire to give begins with identification with a cause that is important to them. Myriads of commercials and advertisements flood the airways to make you notice a need that might be important to you. Homelessness, hungry children, abused animals, global food shortage, endangered animals, or refugee people are issues in which your giving can make an impact.

Some are motivated to give to crisis moments. Earthquake destruction, hurricane damage, and other natural disasters are real needs.  Our monies can impact people’s lives for the now and future generations in the rebuilding of their broken world. You will see lots of opportunities like these through FB. Samaritan’s Purse is one of my personal favorites to give financially and participate physically.

Although some give as an impulsive emotional response, out of a sense of duty or driven by guilt, the greatest sacrificial giving occurs because of love. When we love, giving is a fruit expression. For God so loved the world, that He gave His Son, Jesus. A heart full of love will find opportunities to express itself in giving. Parents sacrifice their own wants to make sure their children have what they need for school and other activities. Love is not simply a motivation for giving, it is the total force behind sacrificial giving.

What are some guidelines to help you become a  “good giver”?

  • Begin to give – God’s principles are engrained in the earth. Sow (give) a seed in the ground and it produces much fruit or grain. Learn to be a giver and watch the impact it makes in your life
  • Begin to give regularly. At church I encouraged people that giving reminded them that God owns everything. When you give regularly it is an act of trust in God to help you manage all of your needs as you are giving to the advancement of His work.
  • Begin to give regularly with understanding – Do your research. Give to causes where they majority of your money goes to the need and not in overhead. Follow the impact of your monies – lives changed, people helped, issues addressed
  • Begin to give regularly with understanding including people or organizations that you have personally benefited from. Families impacted by cancer will often give to more cancer research. If your life has been enriched by a Christian minister  or organization remember to give to them so that their work can continue its reach. I am now giving to the Ravi Zacharias ministry because of the impact it is making in my life.
  • Give to those who are going on mission trips. There is a cost to travel, but that is not the full impact of your money. That student who goes to another country will be changed for their entire life because of that experience. If you believe in the person that ask, know that is some of the most fertile soil to give your money. It has eternal benefits for people being saved. I went to Taiwan while in college and it increased my love for international ministry that is being sustained until this very day.

Children learn to give through what is both taught and caught. Set the example for them to be a cheerful giver. That lesson of giving will continue far beyond your lifetime.

Blessings Love y’’all