Brandish spear and javelin[a] against those who pursue me.Say to me, “I am your salvation. Psalm 35:3 NIV

Moses is known as a friend of Mine, primarily because I dialogued with him as friends do. I told him of My desires and love for My people Israel. I shared with him the paths and principles for a happy and blessed life. He saw My anger towards sin and rebellion and he saw My abundant compassion and mercy. Now, My Son, of whom you believe in,  tells Me to call you friend. 

Friends do things together and laugh at the silliest things. They sometimes sit in silence. It is common for them to talk about their dreams they hope to accomplish in life. Friends desire to just be together, which is one of My favorite aspects of our relationship. One of the most vital characteristics of a friendship is coming to your aid in the time of your need.

Call to Me and I will answer. When you are in trouble, I do not play the game of hide and seek. My strong arm is always willing to work the victory against the spiritual forces who try to trouble My child. I remind you again and again to look at “Yeshua” (Jesus) your salvation. Your salvation has already come. I have spoken.

I do not grow weary in drawing near to help. Nor do I want you to stop talking to Me because you are embarrassed or afraid. As My children, I have gifted you with ears to hear through the presence and power of My Spirit. Friends continue to dialogue in all situations.

Like Moses, you can sing that I am “Mighty to Save”. In trouble, I am your deliverer. In trials, I am your comforter. In sorrow, I am your empathizer. When you need strength to endure, I am the joy of your salvation. When you are confused, I am light for your path. When you cry to me, I listen and I am moved with compassion.

My friend, as Jesus was lifted up on the cross, I declared to the world the way of salvation is through Him. Your victory has already been fought and the price paid. Today is the day of salvation. Turn your eyes upon Him for the help that I have given. I hear the pain in your heart and I want you to listen as I tell you once again. I love you. I just wanted you to hear it from your friend again. 

Whispers from your Father, God

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