th (58)A wise man is strong;  yes, a man of knowledge increases strength. Proverbs 24:5 MEV

 The advertisers know our bent to want something good in a hurry. “Call this number right now and you will receive your item, but wait, if you call in the next 10 minutes you will receive not one, but two of the specially discounted item…just pay the extra shipping and handling.” Many will call believing that the addition of that item will bring them the satisfaction that they seek. Wisdom and knowledge are not acquired through TV offers.

May you be blessed to navigate your life with increasing wisdom and the power of knowledge. These are not just for those who have advanced degrees in schooling. Everyone can acquire more wisdom and increase in knowledge.

In this verse wisdom is the Hebrew word “chakam” pronounced like “kwakam”. It is used substantively in this verse but still carries the idea of “Intellect, skillful and artful”. The addition of the last two words in the definition opens the pathway for all to grow in wisdom. Become skilled within your gifting. Master your skill set so that others can learn from you. Don’t compare yourself to others, but rather be the best at what you do. 

Don’t limit your wisdom be confined to your vocation, grow in wisdom in every arena of your life. Be a great seamstress, gardener, craftsman, cook, organizer of things, administrator of projects, sales person, mechanic, decorator of homes, landscaper, evaluator of literature. Learn to excel at your gift and passion and you will grow wise in that subject. Acquired skills brings a strength of wisdom with proficiency. 

Knowledge in this verse is from the root “yada” which is connected to experiential knowledge. It carries the imagery of knowledge that is acquired through intimate closeness. A person can gain facts about molding clay on a potter’s wheel. But, the knowledgeable person has felt the wet clay slowly form the shape within their hands to see it transformed into the vase in their mind.

Knowledge is taking your experiences and making them stepping stones to reach higher to the next level that once was beyond reach. This knowledge takes both the good and bad situations that you encounter to make a better choice the next time. You don’t have to keep repeating hurtful mistakes. God gives you the power of reflection so that you can grow stronger to choose the better path.

May God bring revelation and openness to your eyes to see the beautiful help that knowledge can add to your life. No matter how stuck you have been in the past, experiential knowledge can help you begin the transformation today into a stronger person. This understanding is tied to God’s imparting of the revelation. When He gives you the “aha” of understanding of your predicament, you are gaining the strength of knowledge to move forward.

May you experience the strength of wisdom and the power of knowledge today. May you grow more skillful and artful in the unique design of your life. May God make you a wellspring of experiential knowledge to help others navigate through the storms of life. No longer, don’t do as I did (remaining in failure), but follow my example leading to life and freedom.

May you possess wisdom that is strong and knowledge that is powerful.

Blessings Love y’all