Good-Morning-Happy-Saturday-You-AwakeEncourage each other every day while you have the opportunity. If you do this, none of you will be deceived by sin and become stubborn. Hebrews 3;13 GOD’s Word Translation

Happy Friday”, she said with an infectious smile on her face. I’m not sure when it started, but this has become the main verbal interaction that we share with one another. You need to understand that Friday school bus driving is not the easiest day for work. The children are hyper on the bus, They are loud and typically more defiant. If some students fight, it will usually be on Friday’s. Add to that chaos, drivers miss more on Friday’s than any other day. This means that we have to take on extra routes just to get all of the kids home. So, “Happy Friday” is a declaration of hope and peace over our spirits as we engage the day.

I know that this is originally being sent on a Saturday, why the illustration about Friday? Many people view Friday as the start of the weekend, with Saturday being a special day for themselves. I know that many work on Saturday, my kids have worked in the fast food industry for years. But for most, Saturday is potentially a day of rest and time with family.

Reminders for your special Sat-UR-Day

  • Make sure you rest. This may include more sleep, but pray for effective sleep. Some TV is okay, too much veggy on TV is not. Include God on your thoughts on how you need to rest. Walks are good, finishing projects might be helpful, going to special outings and parks and special meals with the grill can all be ways to rest.
  • Encourage others through good conversations. When you think about another person give them a call. Ask good questions. Listen. Speak words of life over each other. Your words may stick with them for a whole week or more. Words have life and death. Spread life to your family and friends today.
    • Today’s verse add an extra bonus for good conversations. Dialoguing with one another can help someone stay pure and not fall into deception. This may include not engaging in some “partying” activities over the weekend. Sin doesn’t ever take a break from trying to ruin your life and create continued bondage. Talking with other believing friends can reveal a potential trap on a dark path.
  • Engage God throughout your day. Don’t think that Saturday is your day off from your faith. Everyday is God’s gift to you. He desires to share the days with you. So, include conversing with God throughout the whole day. Listen to what He may want to share with you. Pour out your concerns and worries to Him. He is listening.

Enjoy your day. “Happy Sat-UR-day!”

Blessings Love y’all